Friday, November 16, 2012

Before and After ~ First Aid Box

This is another easy project I managed to get done...
another wooden handmade box...
these can usually be found at the thrift stores...

I cut the top heart off...  used a reverse stencil ... painted and distressed ...

so this little peanut
 has a place to put her Dora bandages when she gets an "owie" at Gramma's house
I also re-painted this vintage chalkboard for the little artist... I taped off the design and gave it a few new coats of chalkboard paint... she loves it.
 I found the adjustable easel at one of my antique haunts. 
Don't they make a perfect pair?
 Hope you are having a great day... thanks for popping by...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Before and After - First Aid Cabinet

Oh wow, it has been awhile since I posted anything new here.  Thanks for hanging in there.  Life has been hectic and being a Gramma has been taking a lot of my free time.  Who knew it would be this much fun.  I am loving every minute of it. 

I did manage to get a few things accomplished the past few months...

I wanted to make a first aid cabinet for awhile now.  As soon as I saw this handmade wooden cabinet at the thift store I knew exactly what is was going to be. 

 as found... no back, shelves or glass
painted... stained... distressed... and waxed...
added a porcelain knob, glass from a thrifted photo frame and a shutter hook
added two shelves... a piece of luan on the back, covered with scrapbook paper
 loaded her up with some vintage first aid pieces
I added etching vinyl to the glass to give it that opaque look... good job I did because the last turn on the screw cracked the glass... it just addds a little more character to the piece, don't ya think
it now has a new home on the shutter hanging in my washroom
Thanks for popping by...
ALERT ~  there's a little lady bug running about the malls these days... keep your eyes peeled

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Before and After & Mya Fix

I still have not figured out what happened in the previous post.  I decided to give it one more try and it is working fine again...???? 

So I thought I would share a quick before and after with you. 

This was an old piano stool that was headed to the burn pile by a fellow worker.  I pretty much have all my friends and peers fully trained to not throw anything wood out before checking with me first.  I must say I got a very strange look as to why would you want this ugly thing.  What can you do with that?  ...

This is the top and body of the piano stool (legs were detached at this point)... dirty ole vinyl and you can see the top doesn't quite line up perfectly... but it is solid wood.

solid wood legs... cut down to 14"

new table top made ... I framed out a 12" x 12"  piece of pine and stenciled the checkerboard...

another top made with chalkboard paint...

painted some old handles...for easy transport

full view of tops added... now a perfect little child's work table or lap desk...

tops can be removed and used independently with storage underneath for books and crayons etc...

and the...  

final cost... $0.00

All the pieces used were scraps (that would have landed in the garbage) 
that had been given to me. 

Now for the Mya Fan Club... seems I can't do a post without it anymore.   We got to spend the whole day with her on Saturday... I loved every minute of it.

Sharing the doll cradle with

has to get that blanket on just right...

she finally decided that she likes her doll house shelf...

this kept her busy for a good hour or so... putting things in and taking them back out. 

and a good ole belly laugh... no one can make her laugh this hard except Poppi...
she is at that fun age now where her sweet little personality is as unique as she is... I never thought being a Gramma would be this much fun.

Sorry for hanging you on for so long... hope you have a great week.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Memory Hunting - July 2012

That time of year again where we jump into the motorhome and head due East had arrived.  Destination unknown for the most part.  Except for the best stop ever, Rose's of Confessions of a Curbshopaholic so kindly invited us back.  We have the best time with Rose and Mike so we jumped at the chance.   We stayed for 4 days and departed on the 5th day.  I kept telling Rose after 3 days, company is like fish and they start to stink.  She would have nothing to do with that saying.  She sincerely wanted us to stay the whole vacation.  Now that is a true friend.  And being the true friends that we are... we gave them their driveway back and headed our stinky selves right out of 

We contintued heading East to our next destination, Lake Chalet Campground... this place has spoiled us so badly it is hard to find another place that even comes close.   We spent another 6 days there.  We decided not to rent a car this time and learn the true meaning of relaxing.  That is exactly what we did. 

You see after visiting with Rose you need a vacation... the woman is a workaholic as well as a curbshopaholic.. she ran circles around me.  Along with not much sleep and the hot and muggy temps,  it just sapped the energy right out of me.  Did it stop her... NOT!!!.  You can see her great post of the visit here and here... my pics don't even compare to hers. 

Monday we headed home but not before we stopped at a few shops... I was literally having  memory hunting withdrawals.  We were in antique hunting haven up there. 

I managed to find a few treasures that I knew I could find a spot for.  My rule is if it can't go into a spot when I get it home I can't have it... or I have to get rid of something to place it.  That my friends is much harder than you think... I pretty much weeded out all the things I didn't absolutely love so it is very difficult to let things go now.   

Carpet Balls... 11 for $20.00
I had just read about these before leaving for holidays and thought how cool are those... I had never seen them before or maybe I did and didn't realize what they were all about... 

 source "Country Sampler Magazine"
check out the prices of those ones... $200.00 - $300.00 EACH... now I am sure mine are not the real deal but who really knows for sure... my price was a little more affordable... I can live with fakes...

the cutest little pulleys... I have never seen them this small... I have no idea what I am going to do with them but I just couldn't resist them... $5.00 for the lot...

15 minutes into the trip we already stopped at a garage sale... I honestly wanted to just pass it by... but Mr. D. insisted we stop.  I am so glad we did now... check out that price 

I love Firkin Buckets a lot but this was the ugliest Firkin Bucket I have ever encountered... I knew it was the perfect size to go with my other ones...

so it was worth the 4 hours of sanding and every piece of sandpaper I brought with me...I swear they coated this with concrete...  it almost appears to be walnut.

I found this little crock at one of my haunts before I left... $2.00

What the heck is going on?  I can't post anymore pics... a window keeps coming up telling me I have maxed out my 1GB storage for pictures...eeeeekkkk.   I have been hanging on to this post all week with no time to figure out what the heck they are talking about... so I am posting this now and see what I can do to get this rectified. 

To be continued....

Friday, May 18, 2012

I've been tweaking...and a Mya fix

Why is it when you are desperately looking for something, you can never find it.  I looked high and low for months to find just the right picture for over my bed, to no avail. 

I walked into my fav store last week, minding my own business with no money in my pocket to spare... and there is was.  Sitting out in the open isle just taunting me.  The oot oot sound came rolling off my tongue loudly, so I knew it was the one for sure.  I know, I am a bit strange... but that is what happens when I find something I really, really love. 

Do you do strange things like that too?  It does bring a few odd stares from the people around you but they get over it quickly... lol.

the size and colours were perfect... typography... it was love at first sight...

and the price was right
no glass to create glare... framed just right... yeap it was calling my name alright. 

Last weekend I made this shelf to replace the black one that I put up earlier but I didn't like it.

 I had the wood sitting in the "wanna be " pile forever.  It was stained dark brown so I used watered down primer to lighten it up and then sanded it.  The old rusty tin was from a ceiling tile I cut down to size... I am still not too sure if the tin is going to stay but for now I am calling it done... and the price $0.00.

I am sure it will be tweaked a million more times until I get it right... for now it is just going to have to do. 

I am off to enjoy my long weekend and hope you take some time to enjoy also.  The weather is co-operating for a change... so no working for this girl, it is all about relaxing. 

 Can't forget your Mya fix...

checking out a bug...

she is getting so big...

I am convinced kids don't need toys... she found a hauling strap and played with that thing forever... she is trying to tie it around herself like a belt...

quite proud of herself

hugs for Poppi

and hugs for Gramma

check out her chair... she couldn't sit in it without it moving so she flipped it over and sat with no

bringing Gramma a dandelion to blow...

Well that's it folks... hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for popping in.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tangerine Tango - Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Well folks it is finally done...

I still have a few things left to work on, but the worst of it is finished.  I painted the room last week and have been tweaking since... I am so happy with the outcome.  Now I can't wait to go to bed at night. 

The baseboards are waiting to be cut and painted and the ceiling fan is going to be replaced with a chandelier that I also need to paint.

This room is only 9'2 W x 13'7 L.  It was a real challenge shopping for pieces to fit in the spaces and as you see space is tight.  

I replaced the orange table with the old piano stool that I stole from another room... I am liking it much better.  
 I found the New York sign for $2.00... the colours were perfect... it seemed fitting since New York is my home away from home.   I hung the curtains high to give the room more visual height.  I will be so happy to get rid of that fan.

 I have searched high and low for just the right cushions for this bed...I shopped the house and low and behold I had the perfect match right under my nose.  My Mother made these and embroidered the baskets before she got sick.  She would be so happy that they found the perfect place to be displayed.

 I am going to re-paint the table on the right side to match the left table... the matching one was about 3 inches too wide for that spot.

I made the corner shelf from scrap wood and trim I had hanging around.  That saved me $50.00 for a bracket. 

 I absolutely fell in love with this bicycle and had to have it... I left it behind a few times and it gnawed at my brain so I had to go back and buy it... it is actually a working bike.  I already had the old bicycle horn in another room.  I knew that would come in handy one day.

 a few new things but mostly things pulled from around the house...

I filled an old bicycle basket with hiking equipment... not too sure if that is going to stay... but it will do for now until I can find the ideal piece to replace it.  I found the lamp at my fav consignment shop.

I am seriously considering painting the dresser... what do you think...would you paint it? 

So what do you think... anything you would change?