Monday, January 11, 2010

New Finds 01-11-2010

Well I was off on another treasure hunt today... things have really slowed down out there.... but I did manage to get a few new things to put in the booth.

I love this style of shelf... no hearts to cover... this is the before
36" (3 FT LONG)

the prim after... much better

the close up... a combination of black paint and stain... it is looking a little more orange in the pics

I forgot the before of this handmade scoop... It was just a plain light wood... I am just not happy until I beat it to death...
it has found a home in the Hoosier for now...

nice little basket with berries attached... there I go again with another basket... I just can't resist them... I love the texture

large lego's for the little tykes... I was looking for some to fill this wagon

another basket full of Fisher Price round lego's... the heads of these all rattle... I have been out of touch with baby stuff for a very long time

Hope you enjoyed the journey with me... until the next find.


DeeDee said...

Ok I love the scoop favorite of todays finds..hehehe! love the rolling pins dislpays to..I have never seen one of them ...have a good day

Carol said...

Nice finishes Deb. Old legos are great, now you're all ready for the little ones. Hugs~Carol

Beverly said...

Love that Hoosier...auughhhhh someday.