Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My BFF works at the cancer clinic so I gave this to her to hang in the waiting room... but  there are rules against that, that I totally understand now... so I told her to give it to a deserving patient... a patient saw it on her desk and inquried about it... My GF told her it was her lucky day and gave it to her, she was so thrilled and I was just as thrilled that it made someones day, makes it all worthwhile... mission accomplished
as we struggle through lifes difficult obstacles... sometimes you need a kick in the pants... so I rely on positive signs to keep me going...this is made from a cupboard door I rescued from the garbage (SOLD)
I love this stencil... I got my moneyworth out of this one (SOLD)
this was almost a shame to "dirty" but I did it... my GF bought these so I left the decision up to her... she like me likes the "dirty" look, I forgot to take the after of the after picture... actually I forgot to take the before pic too...  (SOLD)

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