Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Before and After (updated 09-16-09)

some real dirty handmade before pieces... (Tip: don't be afraid to wash wood... I take a bit of dish soap and give them a good scrubbing , then quickly rinse)

I took out the heart piece on the top of this telephone caddy to give it an updated look and gave it the ole prim treatment... I love how this turned out... (SOLD)

I have no idea what this was originally used for but it made a cute little prim piece... (SOLD)

just a boring little sewing stool...

a star is born... (SOLD)

I just love this piece... it is a marriage of several pieces... I found the shade and the pewter candle holder separately... I wrapped the candle with grunged cheesecloth and added a berry ring

I found this wooden clock for .25 cents at a GS... it was a lttle beat up but workable

brown bag decoupaged the face and added a clock mechanism to it... and gave it my signature checkerboard look

this is the typical 80's before

Who couldn't use this in their house... (SOLD)

handmade wooden clock... before

of course you know what I had to do to it... I love this clock it now hangs in my bathroom

the before

the top flips down for a step stool for the little ones...

flip it back up...it makes a cute little "Time Out" chair

crows are a very popular primitive thing...

little wooden frames can be found almost anywhere...

This is a little Tea Caddy...before

The prim(ed) after

I found this mirror at SA... for 2.99...score

painted black and added a finial to the middle... it now hangs in my LR over an old desk
 (TIP: be sure to take the mirror apart and paint the inside frame... if not the reflection will show the previous finish)

almost forgot the before...

the after... my sister has this paper plate holder hanging in her cottage... I can't tell you how many times she has told me how much she loves it... she uses it daily

The Before... magazine holder cradle

I took it completely apart... painted and reassembled... well worth the extra effort (SOLD)

the before

a little tool caddy for the man of the house (SOLD)

Oh I can't believe I forgot the before of this one... quite a change... I wanted to keep this so badly but had no where to put it... it sold quickly


Miss Mustard Seed said...

Those are excellent before & after pictures! You are very talented.

Proper Prim said...

Thanks so much MMS... I will be adding more stuff in the next few days... thanks so much for stopping by... glad you enjoyed them.