Friday, October 16, 2009

New Finds (10-15-2009)

Well it has been a very productive week thrift shopping... here a few of the new treasures I found...

a small crock lamp... it sits nicely on my Hoosier

saltglaze vase or candle holder... a small Canadian made jug crock... this is my favourite pottery finish

Miss Penny Chick got a new bonnet... the perfect size shade... it even matches the bottom  of the lamp

bamboo shelf with black porcelain hook

a "sweet corn" basket

A handmade Trestle side table... or could be used as a bench also

Handmade child's wagon... or could be used as a planter for the deck

wrought iron and open scrolled clock

poor pic sorry... wrought iron double candle sconce

a solid brass clock with revolving thingys... there is a name for this clock and I cannot remember for the life of me... it is etched on the sides also... German made clock... a few more pottery pieces... a wrought iron 3 tier plate stand


Faith Andrews said...

these are some pretty cool artifacts

Janet said...

Fabulous new finds, I need to get out more... I love the table/bench.. I have just the spot for that.. lol..