Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and Thrift Finds

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. 
I hope your holidays were memorable ones.  It was a busy time but so worth it all.  I visited friends and family and that is all that is important to me.  I received some great gifts that I am thankful for. To finish off the old year I also had a chance to visit a couple of thrift stores.   Here a few of the things I found this past week...
wooden roller calendar

sanded some of the "patina" off of it... used Howard's Restore to clean up the oak

this was the before..

Pottery frame with burlap and dried flowers... I wish I could have salvaged the burlap and ditched the flowers but the glue was like concrete...

the after... I will put this with an old ink well and some caligraphy pens...

Vintage Cigar Box... this box has a special meaning for me... first of all my younger sister bought it for me and second... the box is from Tuckett's Tobacco where my father worked for years as a printer into the 60's... the company moved the plant to Guelph, Ontario and at that time my father chose not to make the move but open his own printing business that he had until he died in 1980.

if only it this box could talk...
this is after a very light sanding and a lot of Howard Restore and Howard Feed-N-Wax Beeswax & Orange Oil ... fabulous stuff

it still has the working latch... bonus

the inside with the wooden liner another bonus

handmade palm basket

tag still attached... check out the price in the right corner... and the second price in the left corner... my price was 1.99... score

the front part of label

large pottery bowl... 2.00

some nice graphic wooden blocks

a prim wooden towel rack... this will be painted black and aged

 little wooden bank... that won't be loony for long

check out the stopper on this one... I have passed up banks because the stopper was missing... never thought to add something like that...

sweet cotton lace crib sheet...

I love this woven basket... I added the antique handle to add a little more interest

 is there any other way to live your life?

vintage folding foot (milking) stool (thanks Dee Dee for the info)


folded flat... bottom reads...

I hope you enjoyed the journey... Hugs Deb


Pam said...

Happy New Year! Wow you sure did score at the thrift store! Can't wait to see where you put everything! Hope you are having a great day.

CaraRose said...

Hey ya, I was just about to come looking for you girl. See you been busy a thriftin. Love all your finds. Keep em coming and

Happy New Year!

Nori said...

what great finds!

have a wonderful new year deb!

DeeDee said...

OH Ah! I love your finds...hey I have that little stool to..used to be my grandpas...and it is a milking stool..for milking cows...mine looks just like yours ...well used..

happy new year my freind...and happy thrifty shopping to you to..

Carol said...

Hi Deb, Thanks for stoppin' by and leaving such a nice comment. Those are really interesting treasures you found there. I'm wishing a grand New Year your way friend. Stay warm;) Hugs, Carol