Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Finds - 01-17-2010

A few more finds for this week...

a nice handmade table that will be redone as soon as I can decide on a colour...
the shelf is a perfect fit for the towel holder... hmmm

without the towel basket

I found the Home Sweet Home picture for 2.00... I didn't like the green frame so I rubbed it with black shoe polish, did the trick nicely... this is atop my Hoosier

now who couldn't use this little gem... I know I can... now to find the time
 to sit still long enough to read it

cute little cookie jar... notice there are no cookies

I just love this little frame... it is already distressed... bonus

the before

this is some kind of a plate rack but I can't figure out what you would put in the slots... there are a couple different sizes... perfect for screwdrivers in the workshop... or drieds... I rubbed it down with black shoe polish and buffed... I am kind of liking that finish... so much easier than painting.

I am not sure if I posted this cutie before... he is made out of pottery and his nose is a cork... and of course I can never pass up any kind of a bank.

a heavy cotton curtain panel... I will use it for cushions and it is already tea stained... bonus

a cushion cover from IKEA... the material is a super thick cotton... for .99 cents it is worth taking apart and using for cushions.

I hope you enjoyed the shopping tour... it is getting harder and harder to find decent treasures right now... seems the less they are getting the higher the prices are becoming.

Enjoy your week... till next time... happy hunting.


DarKilp said...

Love, Love all of your finds...esp Love your cute lil piggy....I'm a piggy lover!!! Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of your wonderful goodies!!
The Prim Patch

DeeDee said...

I like the cookie Jar..and you put wine glasses in the little slots I think....You always find the fun stuff...have a good day

Pam said...

Looks like you had some good luck...I love all of your finds!

The White Farmhouse said...

Great finds. The rack is a spoon rack. You slide the spoons into the slots to display them. Like souveneir spoons.

Carol said...

Hi ya Deb:) I'm lovin' the little table and the piggy bank with corked nose. We're rainy and chilly down here. Hugs~Carol

Beverly said...

I need that towel

My Mom is a pig collector..she'd love that one.