Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bathroom Makeover...

Well, l I have been at it again... slowly but surely I am beginning to tackle the bigger jobs that have been bugging me for the past few years.  I read a blog the other day that said if you want to do something in your house, then do it.  Stop thinking resale and you will be much happier with your home.  That was like music to my ears... I am always second guessing myself... I am always thinking resale.  I end up talking myself out of doing things for that very reason. 

I am tired of playing it safe... so this weekend I just ran with it. 

This cabinet was number one on my list. 

and this 80's orange was second on my list. 

I started by adding some trim that I just happened to have in my stash...

have I told you how much I love my mitre saw. 

I painted the cabinet (still needs to be glazed)... next on the list was that metal strip.  I had already spray painted it from brass to ORB awhile back.  I took several Rub N Buff finishes and added some Varsol to them and sponged it on.  Still wasn't liking it so I took plain Varsol and started dabbing it off... I let it pool a bit, turned on the hairdryer and moved the Varsol around, it did the trick.  It now looks like hammered copper. 

no more orange wood... amazing what a little black paint will do...
loving the new updated look.

Next, I pulled out this cross stitch that has been hanging around way too long ... made a mat with corrugated cardboard and put it in an old frame... 

my next dilemma, where do I hang it?

this is when I sit and actually think... I needed a lightbulb moment, quickly... I wanted something different... something outside the box.

now add this to the mix...

and these gems filled with my small treasures and other essentials...

couldn't forget my best friend there on the end... epsom salts... look how pretty she looks

 went back to the archives and dug out this old shelf, dismantled it, added new supports that were also hiding in the just in case pile,  gave it a fresh coat of paint and attached it to...

are you still with me?

 this old gifted shutter... it has literally been hanging around for several years, just waiting for it's debut. 

 now it might not be everyones style, but I love it, I wanted different...

and there you have it... my mini makeover... and it only cost me 7.77 for the thin piece of trim.  That is my idea of decor on a dime.

I ordered a new curtain for the window.  That should tie things together nicely.  Next I will tackle the baseboards and closet doors... I hid those in the pics... remember that orange, you guessed... but not for long.

 I am slowly working my way to the kitchen cupboards.  Once I start there will be no turning back so I figured I would try something small first. Not so bad and I did this with a brush. 
If it makes as much improvement as this little makeover, I may get to it sooner than later.

So, do you overthink things too? 

Are you always thinking resale?

Well no more thinking for this girl... my new motto is "just do it". 

So what ya all think?

Like, Love it or Ditch it?


Brenda said...

I love it Deb! Great idea for that cross stitch picture by using the corrugated cardboard for a mat!! It all looks great. Hope you are doing well!


gail said...

Love it! Wondering how the clock escaped a paint brush. hahaha
over think? NO Resale? NO Never ever enters my mind, because it won't be me that has to deal with it. hahaha It will be jamie, bless her heart!
great mini makeover deb!

Denise said...

Love your "new" bathroom! I think of resale in regards to the big "structural" things like the roof, windows, etc. as for decorating I live here.......if I'm ever looking to sell then I'll have to make a few changes. From the pictures I've seen I would buy your house!

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Oh girl this is definitely a keeper!!! No ditching that at all :) Looks awesome and as for resale, a woman would see that and fall in love. Nothing to worry about that's for sure. Good job!!

Rachel said...

LOVE it!! Looks so much better! What a great way to update your light/medicine cabinet too!

Kelly Howard said...

Uh-oh....that cross stitch says it all, lol! I would be just 'sitting' in your bathroom for far too long! It is country heaven!

Firecracker Kid said...

Love it Love it Love it! You nailed it Deb :-) Doggonit, I would love to have you come to my house. I do think we think too much about a project instead of just doing it. You set a fine example my friend.

Sheets on the line, love in my heart. said...

honey, you are my hero!! my hubby is going out of town for 8 days...during that time...i wanted a project...YOU GAVE ME ONE and YOU Gve ne courage!!! I THINK YOU ROOM IS WONDERFUL!!!!
i am a new follower...and join me at my blog and see my transformation you inspired. i will start this project on the 16th of NOV>
and a big thank you!!

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

of course I'm reading backwards, so I already knew how it all looks together. Love how you changed up the light fixture and the corrugated cardboard idea as matting, I love it!
That shelf with the slats is perfect for over the toilet, it really fills the space and adds interest.
I think it adds to resale. You're right not to worry.