Saturday, July 14, 2012

Memory Hunting - July 2012

That time of year again where we jump into the motorhome and head due East had arrived.  Destination unknown for the most part.  Except for the best stop ever, Rose's of Confessions of a Curbshopaholic so kindly invited us back.  We have the best time with Rose and Mike so we jumped at the chance.   We stayed for 4 days and departed on the 5th day.  I kept telling Rose after 3 days, company is like fish and they start to stink.  She would have nothing to do with that saying.  She sincerely wanted us to stay the whole vacation.  Now that is a true friend.  And being the true friends that we are... we gave them their driveway back and headed our stinky selves right out of 

We contintued heading East to our next destination, Lake Chalet Campground... this place has spoiled us so badly it is hard to find another place that even comes close.   We spent another 6 days there.  We decided not to rent a car this time and learn the true meaning of relaxing.  That is exactly what we did. 

You see after visiting with Rose you need a vacation... the woman is a workaholic as well as a curbshopaholic.. she ran circles around me.  Along with not much sleep and the hot and muggy temps,  it just sapped the energy right out of me.  Did it stop her... NOT!!!.  You can see her great post of the visit here and here... my pics don't even compare to hers. 

Monday we headed home but not before we stopped at a few shops... I was literally having  memory hunting withdrawals.  We were in antique hunting haven up there. 

I managed to find a few treasures that I knew I could find a spot for.  My rule is if it can't go into a spot when I get it home I can't have it... or I have to get rid of something to place it.  That my friends is much harder than you think... I pretty much weeded out all the things I didn't absolutely love so it is very difficult to let things go now.   

Carpet Balls... 11 for $20.00
I had just read about these before leaving for holidays and thought how cool are those... I had never seen them before or maybe I did and didn't realize what they were all about... 

 source "Country Sampler Magazine"
check out the prices of those ones... $200.00 - $300.00 EACH... now I am sure mine are not the real deal but who really knows for sure... my price was a little more affordable... I can live with fakes...

the cutest little pulleys... I have never seen them this small... I have no idea what I am going to do with them but I just couldn't resist them... $5.00 for the lot...

15 minutes into the trip we already stopped at a garage sale... I honestly wanted to just pass it by... but Mr. D. insisted we stop.  I am so glad we did now... check out that price 

I love Firkin Buckets a lot but this was the ugliest Firkin Bucket I have ever encountered... I knew it was the perfect size to go with my other ones...

so it was worth the 4 hours of sanding and every piece of sandpaper I brought with me...I swear they coated this with concrete...  it almost appears to be walnut.

I found this little crock at one of my haunts before I left... $2.00

What the heck is going on?  I can't post anymore pics... a window keeps coming up telling me I have maxed out my 1GB storage for pictures...eeeeekkkk.   I have been hanging on to this post all week with no time to figure out what the heck they are talking about... so I am posting this now and see what I can do to get this rectified. 

To be continued....


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

hey deb! great post! Rose loves the heat...apparently you're more like me, not so much a fan. :)
You got some great stuff... love the color of the carpet thingys.

I like your new rule of thumb about having to have a place to put something.

the picture thing? As bloggers, we store our pics online at picasa. I clicked one of your pics and noticed it opens in another window. Bad news... that takes up twice the storage space. Good news is to buy more space is pretty cheap... I think like $5 ???
I read something about it a long time ago, and only load my pics with "no source" or something like that.
good luck girl!

ps it'd be nice if they warned us before we exceeded our limit, eh?

Firecracker Kid said...

Hi ya doll! Oh, I love the carpet balls too and they're history. Will Mya get to scoot those around on the carpet? Sweet deal on that old firkin. Thank you Mr. D :)
We're hot and muggy in SE OH and I don't do hot and muggy as well as your friend. Take care and keep cool!