Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mantel Decorating 101

With Christmas coming we are all going to be asking this question... why doesn't my mantel work...after doing a bit of research I finally figured out what I was doing wrong... I have been fighting this fireplace for 5 years... I couldn't put my finger on it but I just knew it wasn't working... let me tell you where I was going wrong...
  • what ever is hanging over the mantle should be approximately the same size as the opening of your fireplace..check

  •  the whole arrangement should be a in the shape of a Christmas tree... check    (this is where I was going wrong... I was doing an upside down tree... now it makes perfect sense...dah)

Left view...notice the display is going down... tall to short to the left not the right

    Right display...notice it is going from tall to short to the right
     (I painted the mirror this morning that was the extent of my projects so far today)

    Middle display... not too sure about this part... this was all stuff I had... nothing newly purchased

    Full display... note the triangle from centre out
    There you have it... now wasn't that easy... I can't tell you the grief and the hours I have wasted on this mantel...I hope this has helped you and saves you a bit of grief decorating your own mantels... now go check your mantel and see if you did yours correctly... if you change it please link it to me... I would love to ewwh and awwh with you

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    The Whistle Stop said...

    Looks great! Thanks for takin' a peak at my blog. I love the old typewriting in previous post!!
    Laurie :)