Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My New Treasures

Do you find some days you just can't find anything and other times you find the mother load... lately I keep finding stuff that I really don't want to find (okay maybe I changed my mind, read below)... I love crocks and have them stashed all over my house... but I have run out of room.
I found this crock for $1.50 at one of my favourite thrift stores... examining it I noticed Hiawatha Tobacco Works etched into the bottom side... the pear is handmade and signed $1.00 - glass grapes $1.00
(Update: I have been researching the crock and I think I might have found me a real treasure here... HTW was established by Daniel Scotten in 1856... I can't find anything about the crock though... I already did the ebay route...if anyone could put me in the right direction I would really appreciate it)
I found and purchased this on Ebay today... a receipt from 1895 from the Hiawatha Tobacco Works

Desk Organizer... I am sure this is a Bombay piece

inside view (SOLD - thanks Magda)

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Lovely treasures indeed..thanks for stopping to visit me today..my door is always open please feel free to come and visit again...no need to ring the door bell just come on in and sit a spell...
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