Sunday, April 22, 2012


  Are you interested...I need three of my blog friends to sign up.  

This is how it works.........I will make a handmade gift for the three of you and you will in turn commit to make a handmade item for three others (and so on and so on). You will have six months to make your gifts.

The only other requirement is that you must have an active blog. Please respond on my blog and be sure that I can reach you to get your contact information.

I signed up a while back at Mountain Quilter.  These are the lovely pieces I received.

all hand stitched and gorgeous...
it has found a spot on my kitchen table to be admired everyday

this was the perfect size for this table... love it.

I am so proud to display these pieces in my home.  Denise is such a talented quilter.  Her pieces are always amazing.  I admire her patience... every bit of it is hand stitched.  Thank you so much Denise.  I will treasure them forever.
So what do you think...are you in?

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Denise said...

You are very welcome!