Monday, April 23, 2012

Sneak Peek - Bedroom Inventory Pics

No new progress in the room yet... so I thought I would share some pics of  the purchases from the Tangerine Tango post.

I was at a stand still as I had to wait for the paint to go on sale at 40% off...  I finally picked that up today and a new Purdy (on sale too), so worth the wait.   I am getting so anxious to get this room completed.  

Friday was such a gorgeous day... very windy but a perfect day to get all the linens washed and hung out.  Things dried in no time... don't you just love an old fashioned clothesline.  And the smell is so heavenly you can't wait to crawl into bed at night. 

Linen Tufted Chair... love this chair and so does my cat...
he has decided that it would make a perfect scratching post...
he has never touched my furniture before...grrr

Orange side table found at Antique mall... found as is, already painted and distressed
(ignore the ugly baseboards... they are getting replaced too)

Hairy Rug to add a bit of texture and interest

I bought 2 of these but only one would fit... it pays to take measurements with you before you buy. 
I did find a spot in Mya's room for the other one for now.  I know I would kick myself if I move and have room for both... never to be found again.  

Printed cushion... perfect match for the chair

wall sconces x 2 - these will be hung on each side of the bed

magazine basket

milk glass vase found at garage sale -
knotted ball found at dollar store in the cat toy section

Well thats it for now... I am hoping to get some of the painting done this weekend. I know once I start I won't be able to stop until it is done.  It will be so nice to have that job behind me.



gail said...

wow Deb!! that room is going to be ohhh so cozy! That milkglass vase made me giggle... I've never seen anything like that before. :)
Cute little orange table, and glad you found a place for the second nightstand!
anxiously awaiting the reveal!

Marti said...

It's going to be great. I love that chair, so cozy. My mother has that same nightstand, and a couple of other pieces too. Good that you bought two; I've regretted not buying a complete set many times.

Firecracker Kid said...

Oooh, nice linen chair, bad kitty. Love that orange table too oddly enough :) My goodness, I can never see anything without a picture. So I'm anxiously awaiting the reveal.