Thursday, October 29, 2009

It has been a very skinny week for finds... I found a few things today... got an early start this week... this is one thing that I managed to get completed tonight.

this is a little pencil box or desk orgainizer... before

painted and added my favourite wall paper to the bottom... I love this combo...
The drop leaf table is getting a new face lift, first coat is done... stay tuned... the big reveal will be tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Great After! It's amazing that something so homely can become so pretty with a little love!
I work at a Consignment shop for an Auctioneer....we get oodles of items in every single day. A lot of them look like "befores" but I'm betting the creative folks see the "after" in them!
I'm blog hopping through the SITS roll call and wanted to drop in to say Hello!
Happy Sunday to you!